Sailing 103 and the pelicans who watched us

So, last weekend despite an earache we did the ASA 103 course at the Santa Barbara Sailing Center with instructor Larry and two other wannabe sailors. I had to wear one of Mr. Man’s hats because I didn’t bring one for myself. Never thought I’d be waiting this long to collect my stuff from Colorado, so here is a knitter trying to sail with an earache and she doesn’t even have her own hat.

Sailing knitter without a hat!

Yes, I’m a little confused at this minute because I am trying to do something I hadn’t done before, which was parking the boat on the starboard (that’s the right side to you landlubbers) side.

The pelicans were not amused.

Docking to the starboard side

It’s ever so hard to describe how different it is to park the boat on one side of the dock versus the other. You can’t imagine the factors involved – prop walk, wind, the wheel. All kinds of things.

Not sure if they approve or disapprove of my docking capabilities.

Pelicans watch docking practice

Another shot of sailing – cold, dreary but still quite a bit of fun.

Sailing instruction 103

Would have been better with a warmer hat though. My ears hurt for a couple of days after, but antibiotics and tylenol are taking care of things finally.

This is a much bigger boat, with a lot more instruments. It’s interesting how the principles of sailing are the same, but the effort to sail gets larger with a larger boat. I am predicting lots of running around for me. I was a crack shot at parking the boat, however, so that was a good thing.

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