We’re calling it Chez Shoebox with love

So, we may have found a house. Nothing’s certain yet, but since everyone here is family and friends, I thought I’d post pictures and to heck with jinxing the thing.  Here’s the front:

Chez Shoebox

Nice kitchen – small, but nice.

Chez Shoebox

It’s in a cute neighborhood just north of Santa Barbara and on the way out of town. It’s got a nice deck and hot tub and palm trees.

Chez Shoebox

All of the rest of my pictures are too dark and of stuff like other people’s furniture, door jambs and details. The bathrooms are tiny, but hey we have to get used to the bathroom on a sailboat anyway, so there you have it.

Chez Shoebox

It’s a short sale, and so we don’t conclusively have it yet. The realtor believes we can be in by Christmas (whatever that means). So, we’ll see.

Either way, it’s perfect for two empty nesters so we’ll just enjoy the heck out of it if we get it. Keep your fingers collectively crossed everyone! Big moving in sale happening soon. We’ll keep you posted.

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  1. […] The news on the house is positive – it’s moving forward as quickly as possible and we’re hopeful for an approval soon. No final word yet however, so we wait on pins and needles to see if we get to move into Chez Shoebox. […]

  2. Kristin
    November 9, 2012

    It looks perfect!

  3. Jan
    November 10, 2012

    Looks like a nice house! Probably won’t have too many bears in your back yard … but, maybe that’s a good thing! Good luck!!

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