More than a fair share of weird

I was chatting in email with a cousin of mine and it occurred to me that I’ve seen a whole lot of weird since arriving in California.

I blogged about cracking eggs on each other’s heads as a way of celebrating Fiesta.

I blogged about the most innovative form of panhandling I’ve ever seen.

I’ve wailed and moaned about the expensive houses that make me want to buy a farming camper and park it in the Walmart parking lot – wait, there is no Walmart here, so I guess I’d park it at the beach – wait, they have signs warning you can’t do that either, so I guess I’ll park it at the trail head – wait, you have to buy a permit to park at the trail head and no overnight parking there either.

Good grief!

Then, today I got a new surprise.

A guy with lovely eyes and leftover Halloween makeup and No Pants asked me for a nickel to buy a piece of pizza. He was so polite and articulate, that I dug around in my purse and handed him everything I found in there. He thanked me and called me lovely and set the change with a little pile he had started and proceeded to play the most beautiful song I’ve heard in a long time on a violin.

Still, he had no pants on. This was hard to ignore. He had ratty looking black hose under a long-ish jacket and ratty shoes and a ratty looking hat, but no pants.

This beat the afternoon I was slowing down the truck at a stoplight only to be passed by a guy riding a skate board playing a guitar and singing at the top of his lungs. He continued down the street – riding in the middle of the right-hand lane, mind you – and around the corner.

This place has a higher than average share of weirdness, I must say.


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