Adventures in blocking

Last weekend, I cast off the Springtime Bandit shawl knit from the soft and lovely Pashmina yarn from Madelintosh, which looked roughly like this spread out on the floor pre-blocking:

Springtime Bandit

and an up close shot:

Springtime Bandit

So, I couldn’t wait for my blocking wires to get here – I wanted to get this blocked so I can wear it. I’m planning to meet a new knitting group next week and it doesn’t do to show up without something hand knitted. Otherwise, they may think I’m not serious about it. So, I trotted down to the Loop and Leaf to ask them how to block it and get some blocking wires.

Now, before we get too much further, the number one enemy of blocking lace is this:

Number 1 enemy of lace blocking

Do not be fooled by that cuteness or innocent look. This is the enemy because blocking wires are fun to play with.

The second enemy of lace blocking is stupidity, which I have no problem manufacturing all on my own. In fact, after I soaked the lace in a nice warm bath:

Soaking the lace

I carefully rinsed it and squeezed it dry and threaded it onto blocking wires, and put the fan on it.

It took me until the next morning to notice that I stretched out the wrong points! Well crap.

So, back in a fresh bath went the dry lace, and back on the blocking wires it went, and then I blocked out the correct points.

Blocking the Springtime Bandit shawl


This time I flipped over and did it wrong-side up so I could get the points pulled out right.

Max is thinking he had nothing to do with this – nothing at all.

I didn't do it mama! I've been napping way over here





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