Sometimes work just doesn’t work if you know what I mean

On Friday, I felt like something was just really off-kilter. I’ve been staying in the apartment and waiting for things to happen too long. I’ve been focusing on work and waiting and it’s all become too much. I had no energy or focus to write, and so I wrapped up what I could not leave for later and I took myself outside for a walk with my camera.

I had a lovely lunch – this is one of my favorites. A caprese salad with grilled scallops.

caprese salad, grilled scallops

It’s been chilly here – with lots of wind. Not the cold that gets into your heart and lungs and makes you want to beg for a blanket, but chilly. Why the damn flowers and shrubs keep blooming is beyond me.

flowers keep blooming

I think it’s because it warms up other days – into the 60s many afternoons. The nights don’t get to freezing – they get into the 40s – and so I guess it’s just enough to keep them blooming happily along.

flowers keep on blooming here

The wind was so high on Friday, it was too windy for sailing. It’s hard to see from this picture, but there were continuous whitecaps, which means about a 20-knot wind.

windy, windy day!

The Channel Islands you can see in the background protect the Santa Barbara harbor from significant waves, so it’s like sailing on a really big salt water lake in many ways. Those who like to surf have to go north or south to get waves, but this is one of the features that many in Santa Barbara LOVE about the area.

When I got back, my camera battery was exhausted – it says exactly that when you turn it on: BATTERY EXHAUSTED. That always makes me crack up. So, I put it in the charger and rested myself.

It was a perfect afternoon. Now, I know I’ll be able to write better as I’m refreshed.

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