For all my friends in Colorado – you gotta see this heater

I mentioned it’s been cold? Well last night it was uber chilly and I already had the drafty windows all shut and my warm hand-knit socks on and I was still uncomfortably cold. So, I broke down and screwed up the nerve to try turning on the heat in the apartment. I have avoided it up until now – even though I was cold as heck when I first moved here because of the moisture in the air – and you’ll know why when you see it. It scared me to death!

However, I didn’t burn up or set the apartment on fire, and I can’t stop laughing about this heater. I just had to share it with everyone in Colorado.

Without further delay – this is the source of heat in our apartment:

it's a wall heater

It’s a Westinghouse wall heater and you turn the handles and it heats up like an oven coil! No blowers. No vents. Just a space heater built into the wall. The risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is high according to Mr. Man, so I cracked a window, took the chill off the room, then turned it off and climbed into bed giggling.

Just thought I’d share. The cats were terrified of it too!

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