Bike riding in Santa Barbara is Great!

So, last weekend I had an opportunity to take my bike out on a trail I’d run across while looking for houses. I put it on the truck, and drove over there because, let’s face it – I suck at maps. The Garmin my parents’ lent me is likely the only way I got across half of the U.S. to arrive at Santa Barbara from my beloved Colorado and since then I bought my own Garmin and I’m in total love with it.

I know they have bike maps for the Garmin – I haven’t gotten that far yet, so I saw a trail, remembered it, put the bike on the truck and parked to ride the trail. It’s an imperfect system but for the time being, it’s working for me for the time being.

The bike trails here crisscross all over the city.

Santa Barbara bike trails

They’re well-kept, well-marked, and wow, the views!

Santa Barbara bike trails

Bougainvillea blooming in November!

Bougainvillea blooming in November

I rode past a big wide field that was obviously a garden.

Garden in Santa Barbara

There were many rows of vegetables growing and more than a few of them in severe need of being harvested!  I noticed a little break in the fencing, where it appears many people have traveled.

Garden in Santa Barbara

I stopped and walked my bike through the hedge and walked along the rows of vegetables. The red peppers begged to be picked, sliced and tossed atop a salad or grilled with shrimp!

Red peppers begging to be picked

Did I pick one, you’re thinking? No, I did not. In my mind, that’s stealing. I did look for a sign all around the property – something to indicate if this was a community garden, or anything at all. I found nothing. I even asked a few walkers who were power walking their way by, but they didn’t know. I sincerely hope someone picks the peppers soon.

And these

Onions waiting to be picked - I think that's an onion

This looks ready, doesn’t it? It’s a beet right? or maybe something kale-ish? It’s been awhile since I’ve been in a garden.

Is this a beet or kale?

Either way, the biking trails are great. So much fun.


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  1. Betsy O'Connor
    November 19, 2012

    That is swiss chard. Red stem type and you cook it like spinach. You can eat all of it even the stem. You may be right about a community garden. Good place to get and maybe grow some veggies.

  2. November 19, 2012

    I remember loving swiss chard … can’t wait to get some space to garden!

  3. Ellen Lukasik
    November 19, 2012

    I was going to say the green leaved plant with red stems is Swiss Chard and it’s yummy. Any way the red peppers do look ready to eat.

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