I don’t remember rain like this in I can’t remember how long

This week, it rained – a long, cleansing, steady rain that went for two and a half days. I can’t remember when I’ve seen a rain this serious about making everything clean and drenching the plant life.

Rain gutters along the buildings filled and ran.

Rain gutters filling fast

I visited the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens for a Christmas art fair – very damp.

It's really wet out there!

Will have to return to see the real gardens. I was soaked at this point. The water ran in the creek down by the arroyo that leads into the ocean.

Kinda foamy water

We let Maxi-boy sit on the front stoop of the apartment, but he was baffled by all the rain falling down.

Maxi on the stoop in the rain

We walked to the beach cafe we like to watch the sunset. Lovely.

Sunset after two days of rain

The beach cafe is really great, but wow the sky was cooled off and filled with a little light after the sun had set.

Hendry's beach after a rain storm

I want a fireplace like this outside my new little shoebox house-if-we-get-it.

Love this fireplace

It’s an amazing place. Not home yet, but dang, there are some really lovely places here.



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