Another day of sailing – after the rain storm

On Sunday, we went sailing in the harbor after the rain had cleared. The birds were circling this one fishing boat – the fishermen toss over scraps we think and it gets the birds all riled up.

Birds riled in SB Harbor

It was quiet as we motored out to the open water buoy – but oh so lovely.

SB Sailing in the Harbor

It’s almost horrifying to think this is the weekend before Thanksgiving and we’re wearing shorts and sailing. Crazy.

We had to slowly pass the seals – they were particularly noisy today. Space is at a premium – as it is everywhere in Santa Barbara – and they were voicing their frustrations.

Seal buoy

I don’t speak seal, but I get their frustrations at the high price of rent for a tiny square bit of area you have to share with a bunch of other smelly grouchy seals. I get it.

As we raised the sails and pulled out the jib, this guy circled and landed several times near the boat … probably looking for an easy mark for a meal, but we didn’t have anything to share with him.

Where's lunch?

You can see the remnants of the rain storm over the city.

after the rain storm

We caught some wind and Mr. Man was happy.

Mr. Man is happy

The water is so, so blue!

blue, blue water

There are some things that are really fun about living here. I can’t say I love the place yet, but it’s got a lot of appeal.

At the helm in Santa Barbara

Not sure when or if it will ever become home, but for the time being, this is where we are.

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  1. Betsy O'Connor
    November 19, 2012

    Those smiles could not be bigger. Keep having fun.

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