Sometimes all it takes is a new pair of shoes

It’s been colder here and damp. Neither of us expected to be in the apartment this long, but now that it’s turned colder I was in a bind. I only brought summer shoes (2 flipflops and a pair of sandals to be exact) and one pair of sneakers – not so cool for going out or meeting friends.

So, I had to find a new pair of shoes. I looked for a DSW or some shoe store, but Santa Barbara is weird about their shopping options. They have a slow-growth policy, which is great for keeping lots of green space around and the price of homes to a place where the common single person can’t afford anything but a shack, but it’s not great for getting rid of the old and out-dated shopping and bringing in some new, fresh, quality stuff – like a shoe store. So, I went online and ordered a shoe from my favorite maker – Jambu.

New pair of Jambu shoes

If you haven’t tried these shoes, take a look when you can. They are really durable, very good quality, and have excellent cushy feel with … great arch support! That’s ridiculously hard to find. Plus their soles are made from recycled tires and every bottom has a map, which kinda makes me feel like exploring in them.

New pair of Jambu shoes

These were supposed to come out in a red, but it’s not available yet and I just needed a pair of shoes and couldn’t wait for the red version.  Besides, when the truck of stuff comes from Colorado, I’ll have all my shoes again and there won’t be a problem. I want desperately to buy one of their new boot styles, but really when am I going to need them living here in Cali?

Still, sometimes all it takes to feel a little better is a new pair of shoes.

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