A very un-Thanksgiving

Not an un-thankful Thanksgiving, just an un-Thanksgiving.

In my mind, an no matter how much they make me crazy at times, Thanksgiving is about family and food and sharing and gratefulness. This year, we’re grateful and we had food, but we missed on the sharing and the family part.

I know Mr. Man loves a little football and so we went to the Santa Barbara Brewing Company where they have about 11 big screen TVs per person and way more noise than’s necessary, but since we don’t have a TV in the camping-apartment, it made sense.

Santa Barbara Brewing Co.

Plus they have good food and good beer.

un-Thanksgiving at the Brewing Co.

Afterward, we walked along State Street to see what else was going on for all the other Thanksgiving refugees and we saw this very relaxed dog in his little trailer parked outside another bar.

snaggle-tooth in the bike trailer

Isn’t this a cool building?

Lovely Moorish building

and the ubiquitous palm trees

palm trees

I love this doorway – I can’t decide if I’m creeped out by the climbing vines or not.

Cool doorway

and finally pie

un-Thanksgiving pie

It wasn’t great – my pie is much better and my mother’s and just about everyone in my family’s pie is better, but it was ok pie for the un-Thanksgiving.

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  1. Shadygrove
    November 23, 2012

    Great blog! I found it via your Ravelry post. Wanted to mention that the cool building is the Ablitt House (which I only know about because I happened to watch a Huell Howser epsiode about it).

    Also want to comment that you’re right about finding shoes in Santa Barbara. Sierra Trading Post is my go-to for shoes (I’m partial to Keen). Magellan’s in Loreto Plaza has some Jambu and will have more in the spring (full disclosure–Magellan’s is my current employer).

    I’ll probably have to make the opposite move that you did soon–my company has merged with Colorado Bag ‘n Baggage and if I want to keep my job I’ll have to re-locate to Denver. But trust me, you’ll come to love SB. You’ve already discovered the pleasure of biking 🙂

  2. November 25, 2012

    Hey there, thanks so much for the help! I usually love the stuff at Sierra Trading Post and Magellan’s … isn’t that the travel folks? They have excellent packing cubes and other travel stuff. I know that because I work for Travel Insurance Review and I am immersed in travel junk all the time.

    Thanks for the kind words. I so miss my home, but I am hopeful about liking it here eventually.

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