A winery visit

Today, we decided to visit a bunch of wineries in the Santa Ynez Valley. If you haven’t heard, this is a really fun and very popular thing to do and people come from all around to sip wines and tromp through the vineyards.

It is so, so beautiful in this area.

Gainey winery vineyards

I love the open fields, the sunshine, and the mountains in the background.

Gainey winery vineyards

Leaves changing colors – so captivating.

Leaves changing colors

Inside the winery, we got to sample a number of really tasty and delicious wines. I loved how they decorated for the season in the tasting rooms.

Winery tasting room

The little vignettes on wine barrels were so picturesque.

Winery tasting room

Steve loves these pepper trees – so do I.

Pepper trees

These are the pre-dried peppercorns – if you wait until they are dry and roll them in your fingers and smell them – wow! Pepper flavor to no end.

Fresh peppercorns

We planned to visit 3 wineries but we ended up visiting 1 – the Gainey winery. Not because the wine is so delicious we didn’t want to taste any others (although the wine is amazing and we will definitely be buying more of it), but essentially because we’re light drinkers and after a bunch of tasting on empty stomachs we felt a little tipsy. So, we decided lunch would be a good idea and well then we just ended our day.

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