Proving that knitting and sailing is possible!

I have to admit to everyone, I’ve been struggling to find my way out here, fighting a lot of tears and feelings of depression, and certainly working Mr. Man’s compassion skills pretty hard. I can only hope that things will get better with time and once we get settled into a house.

In the meantime, I’m sailing and knitting and biking and trying to keep the bad feelings at bay. Over the weekend, we had one sunny day. The other days, we can hear the fog horn off the pier warning the boats coming in to be careful. Two long blasts every minute or so (or is it two minutes? I can’t remember) until it clears.

Still, we had an all-day charter (nearly free – included with our classes) and so we had planned to go sailing. Finally, we got a sunny clear day.

Sailboats and sunshine

It started out with very light wind. So light that the picture above was taken much later. We actually had the main sail and the jib fully out and we were floating quietly for about an hour – nothing, nada, nowhere to go on the wind. So, we snacked and napped a little and waited. Now, we know for certain why the sailboats are always pouring out of the harbor just after the noon hour, because it finally kicked up for us.

Once we had wind and some decent power, I parked up on deck to knit. I used to read and ride along, so I figured the knitting wouldn’t make me hurl as long as I kept looking up and took my dramamine (check, that was in my system).

I used a GoKnit bags (you can get your own – here at the Loopy Ewe) because they have this great feature that lets me snap it onto things. Like my belt loop or a backpack strap, or in this case, the railing on a sailboat.

GoKnit Pouch goes sailing

The yarn stays in the pouch, and when it’s time to tack (that’s move the sails to the other side and switch directions), I just shove the project in the bag, cinch it up, and do my crew duty (the little bag stays put- a little hard to see).

Proving that knitting and sailing is possible!

After that, I can return and knit again. That’s the hat I’m trying to finish so I can wear it sailing because my ears sometimes get cold out there!

Proving that knitting and sailing is possible!

Even take pictures!

Looking back on the Mesa - our apartment is in that area

Our sunset this evening was lovely.

Sunset over Santa Barbara Harbor

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  1. Betsy O'Connor
    November 25, 2012

    Congratulations on this sunset picture. Getting a clear moon is hard. How did you do it? It is georgeous.

  2. November 26, 2012

    That was the sun, not the moon and I have a new camera that’s more point-and-shoot style. It’s also smaller and takes as good a quality photo as my big one. It’s pretty easy to use and I was moving quickly to get that shot, so I didn’t spend a lot of time setting it up. Got lucky, I think.

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