Visiting more wineries – a 3-winery day

So, after our home inspection over the weekend, we decided to head up the hill to the Santa Ynez Valley and visit some wineries. We used this winery map, and decided to visit the Shoestring and Black Jack wineries with a swing by the Gainey winery that we visited last week.

These were the grounds at the Shoestring winery:

Shoestring winery

And their tasting barn (it was SUPER cold in there!)

Shoestring winery tasting barn

And they had a Charlie Brown Christmas tree:

Charlie Brown Christmas tree

Steve is fascinated with the pepper and olive trees that grow here.

pepper and olive trees

The roses were picturesque too.

roses at Shoestring winery

To celebrate the new house, we joined two wine clubs – one at Shoestring and one at Gainey and so we can bring friends and do tastings for free! yummy

Nothing about the Blackjack winery was that great … it’s a site in the movie Sideways, and so they play that up a lot. I didn’t like the movie so it didn’t impress me. Neither did the wines, although tasting them was fun.

Blackjack winery

The staff was friendly and helpful, however, and it was all a good part of the experience.

We ended back at the Gainey winery – where we bought a bunch of Christmas gifts to send out and a bottle of wine.

Gainey winery

The reds here are so, so yummy, but their whites are really good too.

Gainey winery Chardonnay

So, this is how best to do a winery day – bring a picnic basket and taste the wines, buy a bottle (or a bunch – stick those in the trunk of your car) and have a lunch in the sunshine at the winery. They all have outdoor seating areas and you can’t believe the views. Bring your own wine opener because they’re can’t open the wine for you, but that shouldn’t be a problem. After all, what’s a picnic basket without a wine opener?

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