My girls are here, my girls are here!

They got in after some general confusion – Liz stuck in San Francisco overnight with a cancelled flight and Rebecca in earlier than my schedule indicated (tired mommy). They are both here in California with us, for a Cali-Christmas.

We did the girl things to start off while Mr. Man finished out his work week starting with manicures:

manicures with my girls

Then drinks and oysters at Brophy’s:

drinks at Brophy's

Then wave-watching:

waves off Santa Barbara breakwater

The freshly named Sobriety Catwalk – very important to do with at least 1 drink in your system:

the newly renamed Sobriety Catwalk

Enjoy the sunshine and the cool air on the beach:

California warm air and sunshine

Then, back on the Sobriety Catwalk and along the breakwater.


Then, down to Hendry’s beach to watch the sunset:

Hendry's beach sunset

Inside the bar at Hendry’s – the Christmas tree with the sunset in the background:

Christmas tree at Hendry's

More sunset:

Sunset at Hendry's

Down to the tree on Stearn’s Wharf:

Christmas tree on Stearn's wharf

All of that was on Friday. Yesterday was pouring rain. All. Day. Long.

So, we were sopping wet and hopping in and out of stores to warm up and dry off … we finally went to see a movie in the afternoon.

Today, we have some clouds, but it looks like we’ll get sun and we’re headed to the wineries!

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