A Christmas Visit from 2 Important People in our lives

So yesterday we went into the Santa Ynez valley to do that scene. We started out at the overlook … you can see Lake Cachuma in the background.

Santa Ynez Valley overlook

When we have visitors, it’s easier to take those stops you don’t usually do – like the overlooks and the hideaway things.

Then, we headed straight for our favorite winery so far – Gainey, where we met Eric who’s a mortgage broker that works once a week at Gainey and he took our picture.

Gainey winery

Minus my finger, this is an amazing picture, don’t you think?

Winery view

We had danish desserts … none of which thrilled us the way the Anderson’s bakery desserts do although the brownie was pretty good.

danish desserts in Solvang

We visited the grounds of the Old Mission of Santa Ynez where we saw this crane hunting gophers. He was in a hurry but the picture came out pretty good given the speed he was moving.

Crane on the Mission grounds

We fed the ostriches and emus.

Ostrich farm of Solvang

Ostrich farm of Solvang

Today we went sailing.

Sailing Santa Barbara Christmas Eve

Sailing Santa Barbara Christmas Eve

Sailing in Santa Barbara Christmas Eve


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