I can see why California is good to farmers

Everything grows here – and it grows big.

While we were hiking, we stopped and gawked at this tree.

big spreading tree

Now see it with a person added for scale.

big spreading tree

I can’t even get all of the tree’s spread in the camera frame! Later, we came across a wide field of clover.

lots of clover

It grows  across this entire slope and down the hill into the creek below.

fields of clover

This is bunny heaven.

Even the leaves on the grown are huge – my very dirty and muddy foot shown for scale.

even the falling leaves are huge!

On the block where we live there is a tree that blooms these tulip-shaped flowers. I cannot wait to find out what tree this is and what it will do in the spring and summer.

strange blooming tree

If I were a farmer, I’d want to live in California. Perhaps there is a lesson here.


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