We finally moved to our new house – it’s still camping, but camping in style?

So, to catch everyone up – we moved into our tiny house on New Year’s Eve.

our tiny house

It was freshly emptied.

our tiny house

And badly in need of fresh paint.

starting to paint

Some rooms were too dark for my taste, and some were green (and I dislike that particular color). So, the work has begun.

starting to paint

I’m having a terrible time reusing the leftover paint in the shed – nothing that’s in there quite seems to match the color on the walls, and so it’s taking me far more time than it should.

leftover paint isn't matching

I had hoped to use the colors I already liked and just freshen the spots where it was necessary. Of course, that was a shortcut and shortcuts always bite me in the arse and so it’s an all out full paint project for me this weekend.

Next comes a contractor to help change the swinging doors into pocket doors.

After that, the carpet is getting replaced.

And then maybe we’ll get our stuff back.

The joyful part? I have no lamps and very little overhead lighting, so when it’s dark, the house is really dark. So we call it quits early and head straight out to the hot tub.

the joy of a hot tub

I never thought I’d like one, but dang. This is heaven. Plus, there is so little city and so little light that we can see loads and loads of stars.

That big green leafy thing has got to be relocated too.

So much to do, but it’s SO much better than the endless waiting we were enduring.

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