I am so sick of paint I’m doing laundry instead

Mr. Man has been helping with the painting all weekend – thank goodness. Two hands get it done, but four make it even quicker and it seems like progress is finally being made.

The living room has been completely repainted. We couldn’t match the colors using the leftovers in the shed, and so we had to repaint the entire thing.

living room repainted

Personally, I like the color much better – it’s warmer than the first colors.

i love me some color

We’re working on the trim in all the rooms – this is time-consuming stuff, but I want to get it right before our truck o’stuff comes because it’s just one less thing we have to do after.

The kitchen is next.

i love me some color

It’s steadily raining here and because I’m just so sick of painting, I decided to do the other chores:

  • Errands – dropping off stuff, picking up more stuff, general crap
  • Laundry – which requires loading it all into the truck and hauling it to the laundromat as we don’t yet have our washer

Boring, boring Sunday, but it feels like home. 🙂

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