One of our plants seems to be growing a brain

So, in the back of my tiny lawn is this plant, shown here for scale – it’s the one in the middle between the other palms along the fence.

weird plant growing a brain

And it’s growing something in the center. Here it is a little closer. Is it a bush, a shrub, or a tree? What is this thing?

weird plant growing a brain

In the center of it is a gross, slightly hairy, brain-looking thing. Here’s a closer shot:

weird plant growing a brain

I cannot stress how much this thing turns my stomach. I’m pretty visual, meaning that when I see something, it gets recorded and it’s hard to scrape out of my brain or stop thinking about it and this is icky to me.

Does anyone know what this is and will it look better with time?


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  1. Betsy o'Connor
    January 9, 2013

    It looks like some of the palm treelike plants they have in Florida. They were quite nice certain looking. Suspect it is growing.

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