Pruning Roses at the Mission

So, over the weekend, I volunteered to help prune roses at the Mission in Santa Barbara. The Mission has a long history of growing roses and they’re quite spectacular in the warm months.

In this area, pruning is done in January – and this blows my mind as I used to have to wait until May in Colorado. Not only that, now is the time to put the bare root roses in the ground. Good grief! I’m so behind already.

So I went and listened and carried and hauled prickly canes and leaves in an attempt to learn as much as I could about growing roses here because I have an idea that I’d like roses to grow along my fence in the front of the house. It seemed like a fair trade-off – I’ll haul and work and listen and you guys tell me everything you know about growing roses in this environment.

I learned to prune a big shaggy rose bush into a set of canes like this:

pruning rose bushes

There were loads of people helping and lots of Santa Barbara Rose Society folks answering everyone’s questions. The Rose Society even fed the volunteers!

Mission rose pruning

Mission rose pruning

Pruning roses

pruning roses

pruning roses

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