Monarch Butterfly Grove and I found the ocean!

Over the weekend, I visited the Butterfly Grove which is right around the corner from our home. I heard about this through my hiking group (in fact we met and were headed to see it together and I ended up here and they ended up in another spot – it was so totally something I would (and did) do).

I very much wanted to see this trail because it seems one of our best options to access the ocean from our new home.

Monarch Butterfly Grove sign

The trail is well-maintained and this was certainly a popular area – lots of people and dogs and kids.

trail to ocean

It winds down and then back up and pretty quickly, you can just begin to see the ocean.

trail to ocean

And in about 10 minutes, you’re overlooking it.

trail to ocean

Wow, I can’t believe this is so close.

trail to ocean

The trail runs right along the coast. How fantastic is that?

trail to ocean

I think this may soon become my new favorite place to watch the sun set.

Ultimately, I wound back around and into the grove of trees where the butterflies are and found their special grove. It was hard to photograph them because they weren’t flying much. It might be the cold, or more likely they were scared by the bunch of noisy people who had little regard for nature or anyone else and were filling the grove with stupid noise.

The poor butterflies were clumped together on the ends of the branches.

butterfly grove

Honestly, given the noise the idiots were making, I wouldn’t have flown either.

If I was a kid and talked that loudly on a trail when I was supposed to be enjoying being outside, one or both of my parents would have thwapped me behind the head and signaled me to be quiet.

Many folks were holding back and hoping the noisy would leave so we could enjoy the butterflies, but the noisy group was just too into themselves to notice.

I’ll have to go back when it’s a little warmer and a lot quieter. Still, all in all an amazing walk.


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