Dustier and noisier than ever … the mess continues

Sorry I dropped off there for a bit, but I was temporarily separated from my office and the Big Powerful Desktop that I regularly use to manage my work and my communications with the outside world. You see, my office is in the carpet zone beyond the wood floor zone and the wood floors are being refinished.

What does that mean? It means that we are now restricted to only the carpeted areas of the house and since those are connected by wood floor areas on which we cannot walk, we have no way to move about the house. So, we’ve moved everything into the back room and are living in there – yep, cats, food, treats, cat boxes and everything in one room. Kinda makes living in the apartment seem roomy.

The floors were supposed to be finished days ago, but the contractor has run into snags that I won’t explain here because I don’t have the expertise or knowledge. This is one of those homeowner repair things that Mr. Man understands ‘cuz he’s smart like that, and I don’t, but I nod agreeably when they explain it to me just to get things going again. I have no idea what they’re talking about most of the time, but that’s life. They wouldn’t know what to do if a kid had a fever or if the newsletter had to go out or a long list of other things I’m an expert at happened after all. It’s fair.

Since the work must continue, I had Mr. Man rig the house so I can get into my office by the window. Yep, it’s come down to breaking and entering my own house, but I just couldn’t continue on the tiny laptop forever. I have multiple monitors and lots of screen space in my office for a reason, dammit. So, I work in one part of the house and if I have to put on a sweater, or pet the cats, or put on my shoes, I hop out the window, go around the house to the other side, and handle what needs to be done. It works.

You would not believe the amount of dust that’s happening here though! Good grief!

a view of the kitchen all wrapped up

Most of the rooms have been wrapped completely to protect them from the dust

living room wrapped

The kitchen appliances are wrapped as well

kitchen wrapped

But! one sign of progress is the pocket doors are finished

pocket doors installed

They slide perfectly and are so lovely, but of course there is more painting to finish as a result. One step forward and other steps back. Not sure how many – can’t count these things at this point.

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  1. Ell Lukasik
    January 22, 2013

    Just remember….it’s gonna be fabulous when it’s all complete! Hang in there.

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