We have refinished floors! Well almost

I know people get understandably cranky about the killing trees and recommend all manner of artificial options, but this wood was already here, so it’s our responsibility to treat it well. After all, wood is amazing – it buffs up so nicely, refinishes well, and looks warm and beautiful.

Behold, the first photos of our nearly refinished maple floors:

refinished maple floors

They don’t look anything like the dry, old, dusty ones:

living room wrapped

I cannot believe the difference, but this is always how wood reacts: give it some love and it shows it.

We still can’t walk on them. Second coat went on very late last night – ow, we’ve had no sleep. The contractor is putting on the last one today and tomorrow our house is back to being ours! In the meantime, here’s a teaser on how good the doors look.

new pocket doors

The plan is:

– Painting all done this weekend.

– Carpet comes next week.

– Then the furniture finally gets to come home.

I’ll have my knitting chair and my couch and my lamps and my bed soon! I’ll have my gardening tools, so I can start tackling the lawn and planting things in the half wine barrels I already bought and put into position for citrus trees. The settling part can finally get done.

More soon. Say tuned.

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