Bummin’ around San Francisco

One of the best things about having a spouse with an interesting career is that they often go interesting places. Luckily, My guy does and I get to tag along. We’ve been so many places as a result of his career. Like Sweden! (that trip was a cool highlight even if the company did later let him go – their loss).

So this weekend we’re in San Francisco for some fun and a conference for him. Today, I’m doing a little work and then I’ll head out to see what I can see. The Japanese garden is on the list – we’ll see if I get there. He’s taking a class.

Yesterday, however, we got to go all ’round San Fran. We rode the BART and found some street markets and made a near-beeline for the Marketplace where I could find this – my favorite chocolate!

Yay Recchuiti

If you’ve never tried it, my go-to variety is the fleur-de-sel. It’s a smoky caramel covered in dark chocolate with sea salt. It’s fabulous stuff and I usually buy it online but it’s so much fun to get it from the source.

This marketplace is on the pier and it’s packed with fantastic finds like mushrooms and flowers and fresh breads and cheeses.


Just loads of fun. Lots of people out buying their treats.


Around late morning the clouds cleared and we had some lovely sky and sunshine but of course, it’s chilly still and we had pants and jackets on.


Californians appear to be a lot that needs their coats. I think they don’t get cold too often. I notice this in Santa Barbara as well, and I wonder how long it will be for us to acclimate to the relative warmth? Still, it’s odd but I wear my knitted caps more here than I ever did before.

Along the wharf was also remnants of this year’s America’s Cup.


I’ve a bunch of shots like these to send to my Dad.

So, that’s it for today. Packing up and heading out now. Will post again asap.

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