Doin’ the tourist thing in San Francisco

Just a quick follow up because I’ve got loads and loads of work to do and not much time left – carpet comes tomorrow and furniture next week!

Finally got to ride the damn trolley – very noisy and slow, but fun. This is my third or fourth trip to San Francisco and I think it’s my first time on the trolley.

San Fran trolley

The entrance into China Town – it was packed just a little further in.

China Town in San Fran

Actors in a show in China Town (how long does it take them to put on/take off that makeup I wonder?)

Actors in China Town

Wow, can you believe these orchids?

Orchid stand in China Town

The Japanese Gardens while Mr. Man took his class – it took a long time to get there because it was Superbowl and three buses broke down.

Japanese garden in San Fran

Japanese garden in San Fran

Japanese garden San Fran

Then, later at the airport watching the Superbowl madness – many 49’er fans and wow it got noisy in there when they were catching up. Sadly, they still lost (didn’t they? I don’t know – we got on the plane with 2 minutes left).

Superbowl madness

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