Once again, I say, “Moving sucks!”

This has been a very long process folks: 6 months to get a house, 6 weeks to fix it up enough so that we can move our stuff in, and now comes more work – the real work. This will be the 3rd house I’ve bought and moved into and the first two times we moved from smaller houses into progressively larger houses.

that's a BIG moving van for a very little house

When you move from a small house into a big house, you put everything you have into a spot that makes sense and wham-bang you’re done.┬áThis time, we’re going drastically the other way – from a bigger house into a much smaller house. So, that means lots and lots of decisions. Every item is weighed:

  • Do I need it?
  • Do I use it often enough to keep it?
  • Do I have room for it? If so, where?

And, unfortunately, a lot of tension and frustration. After all, as one friend pointed out, I tend to care about the items I put in my living space and I’m famous for re-homing those I don’t care deeply for into other places where they can be loved.

And yet, I spoke with a friend over the weekend who lost his home and everything in it during the fires last summer and honestly, I stopped complaining about having too much stuff right after that. Kinda makes you think after all.

So we found the living room furniture.

living room furniture located

We found the master bedroom furniture – and shortened those tall posts!

master bedroom furniture located

I found the yarn!

I found the yarn

And Max got his favorite scratchy toy back. He loves this stupid thing. Especially when Mommy sprinkles catnip on it.

Max's favorite scratchy

So, the garage is still loaded with boxes, but we’re going through it slowly. Our contractor bought the big burgundy couch-recliners and was thrilled with them. I’ve been craigslisting the stacks of boxes and bags of bubble wrap out to other poor souls who are moving. We’ve been photographing the damaged items as well. Some of our favorites were lost in this migration, but we’ll manage.

Tomorrow, an update on the palm trees – we visited a local nursery for some help and boy, were they helpful!

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