Working my way towards happy with a reminder from Emily

Today, I woke up and needed something delicious. It was cold and cloudy and rainy and my workout wasn’t until 10 in the morning, so I had time. I decided I would fix myself a breakfast treat. It was super early (still dark) and I’ve been working like a dog, well not an actual dog – all the dogs I know work hardly at all – but like a figurative dog and I haven’t been feeling that great emotionally.

Plus, bonus points! I found the scone pan and the scone mixes and a bowl and the pastry blender!

I’d also bought butter the day before for brownies I want to make on the weekend, so I had everything I needed.

Sometimes, things just fall into place (other times they just fall).

Scones for breakfast

Then, I worked at another new-found routine now that I have the big desk back. Emily has re-discovered her comb that’s in the jar of pens and her morning ritual is to get combed while she struts back and forth over my desk, daintily missing the keyboard and mouse, but occasionally dipping her tail into my tea cup!

Emily's morning routine

Wow look at the fur I comb out of her every damn day!

Emily's morning routine

This is why she is so super-soft all the time.

I’ve realized for awhile that I haven’t had time to do self-care. You know, those things you do to take care of yourself? Everyone’s got them and they’re different for everyone, but life demands can get in the way and when you have something that really disrupts your life – a move, a death, a loss, a change, an illness – it can be really hard to resettle into happy simply because you forget the self-care.

Emily is getting her self care and it’s time I did too.

More on this coming soon …

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  1. Michele
    March 7, 2013

    I have been a “lurker” of your blog for a while… I live in the “Springs” I love your blog and I can relate to many topics that you cover! I didn’t function for several months after we moved from MN to CO. I too have been neglecting self care…Hubs has come down with Frontotemporal Dementia, there,I said it. Anyway, hang in there, the things that you do are way more interesting than what I’m doing… I’m princesslongball on Ravelry.

  2. March 8, 2013

    What a terribly sweet message … I’m so sorry for your husband’s condition. I can’t imagine the amount of confusion and change that must be bringing into your life. I’ve been struck with the feeling lately that life is really crazy. Once we get it all just how we want it, it gets tossed in the air like a box of legos! I’m glad you’re relating to the topics here – I write it mostly for myself and my family and friends, and honestly, the list keeps growing. After my sad post this week, I had a crazy amount of phone calls and emails. I’m wondering if you can see a way to make little changes so that you can get toward some self-care too? I do hope you consider reaching out to others, if you can. Take good care of yourself and your husband and know that I’m thinking about you.

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