Saying goodbye to fond memories

When we had our big Colorado Lodge, we had more space than we could use and that meant that we didn’t have to get rid of lots of things. Of course, we did get rid of things that we didn’t need or had outgrown (we’re not hoarders after all), but there were things we could save for a rainy day.

So, I kept a big plastic tote of fun clothing items – witch’s hats from past Halloweens, very old long dresses, capes, crazy hats, wigs, and fairy wings. All cast-offs from the girls or found somewhere along the way. I kept it much like my great aunt would keep a box of toys in the closet for when we visited – this box of toys was the first thing we ran to after proper greetings had been accomplished and we loved it. I had a bunch of cousins and we all knew the toys. Their allure was because they were different – not the ones we had at home and it made our great aunt’s house feel like our own.

The dress up box did the same for kids who visited our place.

Every party we had, the kids would find that box and pull it out and begin putting on capes and hats and playing. We also had this quick set-up tent, which my girls would use on Friday nights when the could stay up a little later with a movie in the background. They would make a nest of layers of blankets and play in this tent until they fell asleep. This tent has been in our house and yard and in the girls’ rooms since they were toddlers.

The girls' tent

Much like the dress-up box, it’s going to be re-homed this weekend. I have a neighbor with two little kids and I think they may find this tent just about as useful and fun as we did.

It’s weird the strange-ness that life throws at us. I really thought we’d stay in Colorado and enjoy that big cold house forever. We’d eventually have other kids who would come and play in the tent and I’d have to replenish the items in the dress-up box once in awhile.

Now, there’s just no room for these things and they’ll have to head on down the road. I sure hope other people have as much fun as we and my girls’ did with these things.

Max likes the tent too.

Max likes the tent too

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  1. Ell Lukasik
    March 8, 2013

    Aaaaaaaaw. Sniff. Sigh.

  2. March 11, 2013

    Turns out OK … the little girls next door – one is a visitor – LOVED the tent immediately.

  3. Kristin
    March 13, 2013

    We are in the process of doing this very thing pending our move north. It’s hard. But necessary.

    Love that tent.

  4. March 14, 2013

    Here’s the sweetest thing about that tent – the kids’ grandpa came over last night to tell Steve that he’s been in that tent having tea and cookies all week. He was grumbling about it, but with a very big smile. I thought I’d laugh myself silly. Today, I’m hauling our big, big cat tree over to a shelter who rescues kitties … they’re thrilled to have it. I love re-homing things in a way that brings joy.

    Good luck with your move.

  5. Kristin
    March 26, 2013

    We found an even better house than the one we’d been looking at. Pics on my FB page.

    I need cat trees. Where did you get yours?

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