Coveting camellias

For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been seeing the trees begin to bud out, bushes abloom, and flowers getting their strong start. It’s March and while the temperatures still get chilly enough for the heat to come on in the mornings, the days are warming up nicely.

One neighbor across the street has a camellia bush that I’m coveting. I’ve never grown camellias and I can’t wait to plant a few. They have dark leaves and big rose-like flowers. I’ll get some photos soon, but you can look them up online too. I didn’t want to run across the street and snap away with my camera because their camellia bush is right against their house and next to a window and ‘stalker’ isn’t a term I’d like to have applied to me.

Photographing other people’s flowers must be done stealthily and with a little awareness.

That said, I took a walk today to capture some of the blooms in the neighborhood.

This tree is just branches and big pink blooms – fantastic! I want one.

Spring blooms

Some things just look like alien planet growth to me. Who knew an agave could produce such a huge fluffy orange bloom like this?

Camellias and calla lillies

Another lawn had a tree surrounded by calla lillies – that’s a camellia bush in the back against the house.


Another neighbor has a funny sense of humor and shaped their bushes into a dog and cat.

dog and cat shaped bushes

Doesn’t this tree make you think of Dr. Suess?

Dr. Suess tree

This one looks like it’s been swirled and swirled in the wind.

swirled in the wind

This is some form of a daisy, I’m sure. We called these ‘african daisies’ in Colorado, but they are very happy growing in big bunches here.


The jasmine has begun blooming too – this is on the fence on the side of our house and the smell is heavenly!


Even our own front lawn has these little yellow flowers that pop up right after its mowed.

lawn of yellow flowers

Still, I’m coveting the camellias and the calla lilies. I think it’s getting close to time to start mapping out some flowers and planting. Of course, I need to figure out what to do with the little palm that seems to be giving birth to other little palms in the pot in front of the house. There seem to be at least 3 other plants starting in there – all from the two that are already up and above the sides.

palm pups

Good grief! I have so much to learn


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