Who orders lots of wine during Lent after giving up drinking? Me apparently

So, the no alcohol thing continues to drag on and I mean drag. Yes, I’ve learned a lot about when and why I turn to a glass of wine – and I believe I will carry this learning forward (at least until next year’s Lent when I’ll probably need another reminder). Our eating-out bills are half what they used to be. Mr. Man decided to join me on this  little adventure and he’s feeling so good he’s going to continue it after Lent is over. I’m proud of him. He’s always been good at keeping the drinking under control. This was a good lesson for both of us.

Can you tell things are about to turn a tad snarky?

Unfortunately, early on during Lent we got our wine club reminders – which we promptly filled – and a nice coupon from my favorite Colorado winery, Canyon Wind.

We now interrupt this post for a sidebar, please step on over to my soap box for just a minute please … why doesn’t Sunset Magazine feature this winery? It seems that every time they do a review of Colorado wines, they miss Canyon Wind Cellars. Is it a conspiracy? Did the nice people from Canyon Wind turn them away? I don’t know, but they really must try the Canyon Wind Merlot and their Chardonnay is really, really good. It has a very unique flavor and it really deserves everyone’s attention. I’m not a person who understand the oak-y versus butter-y or other terms … I just know different and tasty when I taste it and this Chardonnay beats a lot of others to the ground.

I’ve let Sunset know their error a few times, but I may just break down and send them one of my own bottles … which as you can see from the bottom row of my ‘wine cabinet’ I have a few to share (all the red-capped ones are from Canyon Wind).

Canyon Wind Cellars Chardonnay

I told the winery that I would order a case as soon as I got settled in California, that I wouldn’t let the California wines sway me away from my love of this wine. I can attest to the fact that there’s been serious swaying since I arrived in this area and had the pleasure of visiting some wineries, but I remained loyal to my promise and promptly ordered a case to tuck away.

The wine delivery from Gainey now taunts me from the kitchen counter – the UPS guy just delivered it today.

Gainey wine shipment - torture!

This lovely bottle of joy is still sitting here from our anniversary weekend – don’t let that generic ‘red wine’ on the label fool you, this is a lip-smacking treat I tell ‘ya.

a red wine from the Rideau winery

and to top it all off, I found my decanter

my decanter

That’s just about enough already. I will persevere, but dangit, I’ll be really, really happy when Lent is over this year.

Really happy.

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