A new rug finished out the living room

I wanted a fluffy rug to finish out the living room and add contrast to the hard wood floors. Thus started my latest home decorating quest.

I went online and found these folks The Perfect Rug. I liked their site right away and I signed up to get a rug sample. To my surprise, they sent a nice note, several similar samples, a measuring tape and samples of the mat I could put under the rug. It was a complete support system.

I found the sample I wanted and measured the space and got my online quote. To be fair, I thought the price of the rug was a little high (around $900 for a 9 x 13) so I went to two local stores – one a big-box store and one specializing in carpet. The big box store would cut me a rug, but they wouldn’t bind it. Huh? That’s no use.

The local one specializing in carpet has some similar rugs, but I didn’t like their underlay and they had only one option. Plus, their price was just as high as The Perfect Rug, so back to the web I went.

I ordered the rug and binding and waited. Yesterday, my rug was delivered.

a new rug from The Perfect Rug

So, I moved all the furniture back out of the living room and began to unwrap the rug. It was carefully packed – so I don’t see any way this rug could have been harmed or stained.

unwrapping the rug

Start to finish, laying out the rug and getting everything back in place took me (all by myself – I was too impatient to wait for Mr. Man) over an hour.

laying out the rug

Once all the furniture was put back in place (including Max’s ottoman) it looks really nice. Just a little touch of warmth to highlight the floors, I think.

living room all finished

It will do.

I have to say if you’ve got a special spot and you want a specific rug, these guys are great. Their support was top-notch and they delivered the exact rug I asked for – very nice. I love it when a company does the right thing.

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  1. Kristin
    March 26, 2013

    Looks terrific.

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