Hiking Inspiration Point

This weekend, the weather was super cloudy in the mornings so instead of going sailing, we decided to go hiking. The Inspiration Point hike is an overlook hike and we decided to do this one so we could see the ocean from above.

It started out in a neighborhood as many of the local hikes do and it quickly lead into the hills. You can see the trail behind us in this picture.

Inspiration Point

It’s a lot greener and lusher than Colorado is at this time of year. Most people are in shorts today as there is a nice clear sky overhead when you get away from the ocean.

The wildflowers of spring have started blooming too.

Cali wildflowers

This one is really cool – all silver and fluffy:

Cali wildflowers

When you get to the point – at least we believe this was the point – there are some great big rocks. Look one way and you can see the city of Santa Barbara:

Inspiration point overlook - the city

And look the other way and you can see the marine layer of clouds that embed the coastline in gloom:

Inspiration Point - marine layer

That marine layer is thick and puffy. You can just barely see the islands peeking above it. Very different hiking here, but a good workout. I worry about the dogs here because it seems no one remembers to bring water along and certainly not enough to share with the dogs. I wanted badly to help one lovely shepherd with long fur and a pack on, but it’s kinda like telling someone how to raise their kid you know?

Not sure what to do about that except perhaps get a dog and do a lot of on-trail teaching, but I really don’t want to pick up poo, so that may not happen. We’ll see.

OK, gotta dash. Got a Boozy Apple Cake in the oven that smells heavenly and I think it’s getting ready to be called done and doused with the ‘boozy’ part of the recipe!


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