Flowers, trees, and more make everything feel like Spring

It’s astonishing, but we’re in full on Spring here. In Colorado, we used to laugh at that arbitrary ‘first day of Spring’ on the calendar because that was usually the start of the really good snow season. The deep fluffy stuff. The kind of snow you want to snow shoe in, ski in, and use to make big snow people villages. I hear it’s cold and icy back where I used to live this week, but I’m in full Springtime mode.

Yesterday, I spent nearly the entire day plucking weeds, digging in the dirt, and hauling big bags of supersoil all around the lawn. I shoveled gravel from one big pile on the side of the house into all the half wine (not whiskey!) barrels and got everything ready, then I hauled myself over to the local nursery for the first load of flowering stuff.

I don’t know, is this enough to plant in one afternoon?

Planting season has begun!

The back was full of flowers … and the Meyer Lemon and Bearss Lime trees were in the seats. The funniest thing is I wasn’t the only one chugging down the 101 with my vehicle stacked to the gills.

A truck full of Spring flowers!

My daughters will remember the truck looking like this. They used to roll their eyes and avoid going with me to Home Depot in the summer months in Colorado and yet, they loved sitting and looking at the flowers from the porch. I used to have to bribe them with a tank of gas to help me for an afternoon of planting and weeding, but the growing season in Colorado was so short. Everyone loses their mind with the flowers in the 3.5 months you get to enjoy them between winter snow and frosty cold.

I’ve got dark-leaved camellias nest to our bedroom … isn’t that color amazing?


I’ve got low-growing azalea bushes sprinkled between the bottle palm and the other palm. I got the smaller azalea bushes because dang those camellias and citrus trees were pricey! Still, they’ll grow just fine and they all have blooms that are ready to open soon.


And then, you won’t believe how good these flowers smell! I had forgotten that the citrus trees bloom and smell lovely, but when Mr. Man and I visited Florida in spring one year, we were introduced to this lovely scent. They are really happy little dwarf trees.

Lemon and lime trees

Plus, I just ordered tons of lilies and echinaceas to plant too … it will be a flowering jungle in here in no time!

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