Try a pear, blue cheese, red pepper and pecan salad

When we first found this little neighborhood, I was heartened by the chalkboard sign at the entrance – noting that the Farmer’s Market was open today. The days and the hours vary and the sign is at the opening of the neighborhood, but the farm is in the back – down by the creek where the frogs creak and croak all night long. I often see people walking with their reusable bags bulging full with green things sprouting out of the top as they trudge out of the neighborhood. This little housing area is completely surrounded by farms on all sides and many of them put the things they’ve picked today out for people walking, biking, or jogging by.

The other day, my guy had a salad in a restaurant with lettuce, apples, and blue cheese. Now, I don’t know about you, but I like to look at restaurant food that I find delicious as a great idea to take home and recreate. I thought the restaurant salad dressing too sweet and I thought that it should have had red peppers on the salad too for the color and the flavor addition.

I didn’t have apples, but I had a couple of pears and so I recreated the salad the way I wanted it – with pears and red peppers and a few chopped pecans on top. I drizzled a little olive oil and some aged balsamic that we got in when we went to a winery – and it was delicious!

Today I still have a couple of pears that are about to have to be made into a pear crumble (which I considered) but I didn’t want to cook them if I didn’t have to, i.e., while they’re still fresh. I only had a little bit lettuce left over, so I trotted down to the farmer’s market to see if they had more of their sweet lettuce in bags, and I thought I’d take my camera and share the walk with you.

entrance to farmer's market

farmer's market


farmer's market fruits and veggies

old truck

new things growing

what I brought home

I brought home some more swiss chard – yum – a bag of sweet lettuce and something new – japanese turnips. I’m looking for a recipe online and most seem to recommend sauteing them with the greens. I’ll do that soon (not promising when) and let you know how it goes.

I love the opportunity to contribute to the local farm and these fresh veggies are amazing. It’s ALMOST like growing them myself without all the work. I can’t wait for tomatoes to come in! Nothing is better than a fresh tomato. Except perhaps strawberries and I have piles of those lately too!

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