Lent is over – how did I do?

Well, I certainly got along just fine without drinking and even stopped complaining after a few weeks. What I did not do is lose any weight. I thought giving up wine and margaritas would be a sure bet to dropping a few pounds and I didn’t lose really at all. So, I guess that’s not the magic bullet that some people claim it is. At least not for me.

So, I definitely reset my tolerance for alcohol. I am definitely glad I did it and will likely do it again – it’s a good reset and a good reminder, I think.

I’ll just have to keep up with the ripped classes if I’m going to lose weight it seems. Dammit. No easy way out there.

To celebrate the end of Lent, I did take the day to get a massage and do the restful kinds of things I like to do: wander, take pictures, people watch, have lunch, look at the clouds. I think everyone has their own version of a perfect day, and of course, depending on what’s going on in life your idea of a perfect day will change, but this was a perfect day for me.

The day started out with plenty of clouds Рthe marine layer had us solidly wrapped in the early morning, but it slowly began to lift and dissipate throughout the day.

marine layer of clouds

The fields beside the roads now are covered in flowers – all yellow and purple.

flower covered hills

After a long deep-tissue massage, which I badly needed after all the workouts I’ve been doing lately, I had a nice salad with grilled chicken at this little cafe called Succulent Cafe and Trading Company in Solvang.

lunch after lent

This place is my favorite so far as it has great food – especially their cheeses.

Then, I trotted over to the Gainey winery to get some wine for the evening and to send some forward to Colorado where I’ll be visiting later this month.

gainey wine

I spent some time just looking at the clouds.

looking at clouds

It was delightful. Warm and sunny. A perfect day.


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