Knitting the Marzipan Beret over and over and over

When my daughter told me she’d shrunk her favorite hand-knit hat and wanted another, I was separated from most of my knitting¬†paraphernalia, i.e., my massive collection of needles and my yarn. So when things got settled, I quickly worked up the Marzipan beret for her and put it in the mail.

It was such a delight, however, that it’s turned into something of an addiction. I made another blue one – this one’s going to my aunt for her birthday too.

Marzipan beret

Then, I made a red-colored one. This one’s going to Colorado with me in a couple of weeks for my other daughter.

Marzipan beret

Last night, I whipped out a dark purple one – this time for me. Goodness! I sure hope this little bit of craziness is over for awhile, but we’ll see. It’s such an easy pattern and you can make it a little bunchier or not depending on how big a head you’re trying to fit.

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