What to do with all those damn oranges

I swear, the orange and lemon trees in our neighborhood are still churning out the fruit even while some of them have budded out and the fragrance is amazing! Our neighbors must like us a little because we still find plastic bags of fruit on our porch every week or so – bags of lemons and oranges picked right across the street! (Either that or they can’t stand the sight of another orange and simply want it to go away – I’d understand that too.)

So, here’s the thing: I’m awful about eating fruit.

There, I said it. I was better at it when the girls were at home and I wanted to be sure they had plenty of fruit all the time, so I’d chop up an apple and put it on the table for us to munch while I fixed dinner and they did their homework. Or, I’d slice up some strawberries and we’d snack while they told me about their day. Left to myself, I’ll eat veggies all day long, but I just don’t gravitate toward fruit. It’s weird, but we’re all weird in different ways.

I’m making sure I eat at least one piece of fruit a day now, but it takes a check-in with myself, like ‘how much water have you had?’ So, I discovered another way to get more fruit – juice!

Now, I have a personal long-time dislike for commercial juice. They’re packed with calories and sugar and chemicals and generally taste like crap to me unless they have a little vodka in them and that’s only for when I’ve got a terrible cold and after all, there’s that reducing the alcohol effort I’ve got going on.

But fresh juice is an entirely different matter. I can’t get enough of that stuff because it tastes like the fruit I’m supposed to be eating but just don’t want to.

So, I bought a juicer thing and now there may never be enough oranges in the house.

new juicer

It takes between 2 and 3 oranges to get a 3/4 glass of this tumbler size, but that’s a lot of good healthy stuff going in. Now, I just have to mention to the neighbors that we’ll be happy to take the last of those oranges off their hands.

Bonus? Fresh juice like this doesn’t taste bad after you just brushed your teeth either … so, it’s not the fruit juice that’s causing the icky taste, it’s the other junk they add I think.

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  1. Ellen Lukasik
    April 12, 2013

    Such a terrible problem! Glad you’ve found a solution to the problem of getting enough fruit in daily. I’ll bet the fresh juice tastes amazing.

    Very interesting about the taste just after brushing your teeth. Why do they have to gunk up our food with so much crap??? Just a rhetorical question. I know the answer…$$$$$$$


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