Another nesting weekend with a landscaping update

So, we had a busy house-work kind of weekend. You know, the kind where you work all weekend and basically nest and don’t really leave except to get more stuff to keep you working all weekend? ¬†We moved another badly root-bound twin palm to a spot in the back.

twin palm

It was too big to fit into the wine barrel I got and we couldn’t break them apart – literally, not figuratively. They were clung together tightly. There are 3 or 4 other tiny palms started in between them too, but someone told us this is how they make new palms? After awhile, they break off and you can replant them. Huh. I guess we’ll see.

So now, we have big pots of geraniums in front of the house and the hummingbirds just love buzzing them.

pink geraniums

That’s not our pug, that’s Murphy. He lives down the street and only recently started visiting. He has a GPS on his little harness and the neighbors all know him as the ‘smartpug’ which I thought hilarious.

Max, however, doesn’t find Murphy funny at all. He’s very concerned.

We did also get a lovely little succulent garden going by the mailbox.

succulent garden

I also noticed that all the lily bulbs I planted have started coming up through the dirt and mulch.

lilies sprouting

I can’t wait for these to start blooming. They should be getting into high gear just about the time the azaleas start to wind down.

We also have two full lemons on our little lemon tree.

lemon tree

The lemon tree is still blooming too – little fragrant flowers that smell amazing. I noticed that some of the citrus trees around our neighborhood are also blooming even while they’ve not yet dropped all their fruit, so I guess this must be normal.

We have another course in sailing coming up soon, so we must get our butts back onto the boat to remember our skills. The next class is a doozy and I’m personally nervous as hell. Steve’s reading all these online articles and magazine articles of people dying in sailboat races and regattas and it’s making me nervous. Plus, I really don’t want to wreck the boat and our last instructor told us that one couple had taken a boat out to the island and wrecked it on the rocks. Good grief!

So, as soon as I get back from Colorado, we’ll be back on the water. Yes, I’ll be in Colorado soon for five days of fun in the snow with friends and family – yay! Need to find some more sweaters to put in the suitcase ….

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