10 minutes from our house is this walk along the ocean

So, 10 minutes from our new house, you can walk (if you need lots of exercise), or bike, or drive and park to get to this walk along the ocean.

ice plant

Those yellow flowering succulent-looking things are ice plant, and those of you from back home may recognize it. It’s super hardy and a great ground cover particularly where you are experiencing erosion. This stuff digs in and hangs on. It’s also horribly invasive, so don’t plant it unless that’s the only thing you want in a particular area. We also found pink and purple blooming ice plant later in our walk.

turn down toward the ocean

After we cross a mesa, we can turn down any number of paths to get to the ocean. If the tide is high, we have to walk farther to get to a beach, but in lower tide we can head right down to the sand and water.

It still amazes me that this is the Pacific ocean in nearly my back yard.

beach walk

beach walk

beach walk

beach walk

beach walk

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