Visiting Colorado, or is that Going Home?

Last week I visited Colorado and as I write that and think about it, it was and is hard not to say “I went home”. I may have talked about this in the past, but ‘home’ is a tricky subject for me. For a long time, home was where my parents were, but then they moved I think 6 times since I left that home and moved out on my own. Then, for a long time, home was where my girls and hubby were, but now we’re all scattered apart. Now, home is where I am with my hubby and the kitties and that’s also a confused thing because I never wanted to live here and certainly not in this specific location, so home is a tricky subject.

So, how did it feel to visit my old home of Colorado?

It was good to see it with fresh eyes. After all, when you love a place and love it hard and then leave it, you come back with a different perspective.  After getting off the plane and finding my rental car, I got my first look at the Rockies again.

first glimpse of the rockies

I burst into tears and had to pull over to cry for a bit. Got myself pulled together again and kept driving north. Later that weekend, my family took me into Estes Park, which is one of my favorite places in the world.

creek through estes

There’d been snow in the past week – luckily, it had melted off the roads and I’m sure it was all for me because I didn’t have my big four-wheel drive with me and would have been completely scared out of my mind driving on the roads without it, but I got lucky. We saw little trout in the stream.

And geraniums in the windows – it’s the only way to enjoy flowers about 9 months out of the year here.

geraniums in the window

We had ice cream even though it was cold and snowy outside. You’ve heard the statistics, right? More ice cream is consumed in the colder months than in warmer months. Ice cream is the best when you’re outside in the cold. I wonder if the Californians know this?

ice cream in estes

We threw snowballs into the creek and at trees to enjoy the big poof! We drove through Rocky Mountain National Park to see the gorgeous views.

rocky mountain national park

Pictures taken from the car because it was cold and starting to snow again.

rocky mountain national park

It was beautiful in a haunted and snowy way. I’ve always found this area breathtakingly beautiful. You just can’t get vistas like these everywhere.

The next day, I headed south to Colorado Springs … more coming soon.

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  1. Melanie
    May 1, 2013

    Virginia you’ve captured the emotions of “home” and Colorado well. How we miss the cool, dry air, the vistas and snow… Thanks!

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