Thank you for the snow!

After playing around in northern Colorado for a few days, I headed south to see my daughter, friends, the knitting club and enjoy the Springs again. The first thing I did was head straight for Garden of the Gods.

garden of the gods

The red rocks!

garden of the gods

The jutting towers!

garden of the gods


I walked with my daughter around and around to warm up and to burn off the energy from sitting too long and not having a workout. We walked fast and talked until we were burned out and hungry.

It was just last year when I signed all the papers to sell our house and head West only to watch Colorado begin to burn with some of the worst fires they had ever seen. My daughter said she was glad I had visited now and not earlier because the devastation was worse – you can see the bald mountain in this picture.

due to the fires

All the trees look like burnt skeletons up there. Simply horrible to think of and worse to look at, but Colorado will recover. Nature has a way of clearing up the mess we make as humans and spring is coming.

The next morning I woke to this lovely scene outside my window.

snow at the cliff house

What more could a girl ask for? I lovely soft falling spring-time snow to soothe the soul. It was perfect. In true Colorado spring style, it melted off the roads quickly and everything was just fine.

The rest of the day was tea with a friend, lunch with more friends, dinner and more walking with my daughter, and then knitting with my old knitting group who also fed me! Just what a lonely refugee needed – lots of hugs and welcome smiles.

While the snow had melted, it still gets cold overnight and so the fountain in front of the Cliff House was artistically frozen.

fountain at the cliff house

All the while, the flowers are pushing their way bravely through the snow and the mulch to emerge for Spring.


This is Springtime in the Rockies and I’m so glad I got to see it once again.

When I landed in California, it was nice to be warm again. That is one thing I’ve been surprised to find I like. I don’t like to be hot – that’s for certain – but being warm is a treat. The weather here in the central coast is mostly great except for the days upon days of rain we get occasionally.

Seeing Colorado again, I realized once more that winter lasts a long time there. Depending on how you feel about it, it can last a little too long. It was brown and barren when I visited, but you could see signs of spring. Summer in Colorado simply can’t be beat, but I have to say I’m finally warming up to some of the features we have here. Something is always blooming – that’s a treat.

Tomorrow, we hope to go sailing and get back to our California life. My guy is going snorkeling today – snorkeling in that cold water! I said no thanks but will reserve judgement for when he gets back. We’ll see if he liked it. Kinda hard to think of snorkeling when I was just throwing snowballs last week.


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