A travel tip for everyone: ship that dirty laundry!

My kids and husband laugh at me for this, but heck, it works and it works well.  This arrived today:

box of dirty clothes

A box of dirty clothes and shoes (plus some spices I wouldn’t need immediately after returning).

You see, when I travel some places I do more shopping than I might otherwise. Either way, who wants to come home and start doing all that laundry immediately? After all, if you’re like me and you left a person behind (we shall not name who), that person may or may not have the same cleaning standards as you do. While the house hasn’t burned down and the dishes aren’t piled in the sink too deep, it’s just not quite as clean as I’d like it and part of coming home and nesting again is about getting things fresh and clean after all. So, I’ve got to sleep, catch up on email, pet the kitties who were certain I’d never ever return again, and clean house … all that plus laundry is too much.

So, if I can’t do laundry while I’m traveling, I ship the dirty stuff home.

I needed those warm shoes in Colorado, after all, but I sure as hell wasn’t wearing them back to sunny California just to save space in my suitcase. So, I shipped the cold-weather shoes and wore my flip flops home.  I also sent all my smelly workout clothes and dirty socks and the jeans I’d worn all week.

I am thinking that from now on I should carry one of those big plastic mailing bags you can get at the post office and drop dirty laundry in it until it’s full. Then, mail it home and continue having fun.

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  1. Ellen Lukasik
    April 30, 2013

    We always mailed our many purchases home! It was such fun getting the box a few days after we got home and seeing all the good stuff we had purchased. Just like Christmas!!!

    I like your idea also!

  2. April 30, 2013

    I like that method too, but not with clothes …

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