First weekend home: sailing around a cruise ship

So, my first weekend back home from Colorado we went sailing and there was a big cruise ship in the harbor.

sailing around the cruise ship

Of course, everyone was paddling and sailing out to check it out …

check out the cruise ship

… and the people on the cruise ship were taking these small fast boats into town and stopping by the seal buoy (sorry for the fuzzy picture – everything was moving).

cruise dinghy

Here I am – looking all concerned for some reason.


And these guys couldn’t be the least bit concerned.

seals on the buoy

Of course, it’s full on spring here and things are blooming in weird, unfamiliar ways. For example, what the heck is this tree doing sprouting red flowers that look like firecrackers?

red firecracker tree

Notice, there are no leaves on the tree, just these red firecracker looking blossoms:

what the heck?

Looks like a Dr. Suess tree if I ever saw one.

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