Kitty Adventures in the back yard

Our kitties have almost never gone outside. In Colorado, we lived in an area frequented by coyotes who were ballsy enough to trot across the yard in broad daylight! We lost a few of our kitties when they managed to get outside, and so we long ago learned that kitties stay inside.

In our new place, however, the yard is completely fenced and while there are coyotes (we heard them howling in response to a siren just last night), there’s very little chance of them getting into the yard as we’re surrounded by a fence and on nearly every side there is a dog. The hawks we counter by staying outside with the kitties on their outdoor adventures and these are definitely adventures for these two spoiled people. It took Max weeks before he would step on the grass. It must have felt very foreign to him. Emily was braver, but then she tends to be more curious than he is and surer of getting herself out of a jam. Of course, she’s also the one who can climb a tree or a fence, so we have to keep a close eye on her.

At first, I worried that the birds would abandon their feeder in the back yard, but it turns out they like to circle in the air and chirp from the trees at the kitties. It’s all quite noisy normally – lovely summer time sounds – and it gets to raucous levels when the kitties go outside.

My daughter asked for a video, so here you go. It cuts off sharply because the battery ran out!

After an outdoor adventure, they prefer tamer pursuits like napping belly up in the sun on the soft carpet.

Max is belly up in the sun

And hiding in the curtains

Emily hiding in the curtains

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