My next knitting project – a loose cowl to wrap

At open knitting a couple of weeks ago, I saw a lovely long cowl on the wall and so wanted to try it. Celeste of the Loop and Leaf let me try it on and it’s stretchy and loose so you can twist it and put a second layer over your neck, or leave it loose.

I don’t usually like longer things hanging in front of me – years of small children taught me that loose, hanging things get caught on snaps, hair pins, and jumper buckles, etc. I loved the wrapped version of it though. It was light and pretty but warm enough for warmer Santa Barbara weather.

Habu yarn cone

So, I bought two cones of the very thin yarn – my first time buying yarn cones – and cast it on.

Essentially, this is the pattern:

  • Cast on 200 or so stitches (I added about 40 more on a gut feel)
  • Using a size 9 needle and a 30+’ cable, knit in the round until you have used it all up, cast off loosely.

In open knitting last week, another knitter suggested adding beads, and I thought that a fabulous idea. I knew I had the perfect purple-mauve colored beads at home and so I dug them out along with a little tin lock box and my teeny-tiny crochet hook.

Habu cowl with beads

It’s coming along nicely. It’s an easy mindless knit and I’m putting no pressure on myself for bead accuracy and counting – simply adding the beads ad-hoc a few times during a row, then knitting a row or two before adding another three or four beads. These are really long rows, so the beads won’t be frequent, just little surprises here and there, but when the cowl is twisted and wrapped, they should display nicely.

Habu cowl

Right now, of course, it has the look of messy, twisty lace but I’m assured that blocking this will make all the difference. The stitch construction is very loose, so it should look kind of frothy. Will post more as it gets done.


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