Salt Water + Cell Phone = Silence

I’m not sure how I missed this lesson. After all the times my girls had to tell me they bought a bag of rice to dry out their phones after they:

  • dropped them in a puddle of melting snow
  • left them out on the picnic table while camping
  • fished them out of a creek while hiking

You’d have thought I would have learned, but somehow this slipped my mind.

You see, my guy was hang-gliding this weekend and that left me with time on my hands. Mostly, I worked and ran errands and watched the kitties as they explored the back yard.

Max and Ems in the back yard

Actually, this last bit takes quite a bit of effort because the birds who visit our yard don’t seem to be concerned about the kitties and Emily is getting quite fast at chasing them. The birds land in multiples on the grass right in front of the kitties and it’s just a disaster waiting to happen.

Birds on the lawn

Emily stalking

So, mostly I spend my time with a cup of tea or glass of wine in hand trying to ensure that no one gets eaten.

On Sunday, I decided to do a little kayaking.

Sea kayaking in the Santa Barbara harbor

My goal was just to get out in the sunshine for a bit and get a light workout. I paddled all around the harbor – staying well away from the middle of the boat lanes because I’ve learned after being one of the boaters that the damn kayakers and paddle boarders can be quite stupid about a 50-foot sailboat bearing down on them. Where the hell do they think that boat is going and don’t they realize that there are no brakes? I’ve seen many boat owners (myself included) forced to post a person on the bow simply to yell “Ahoy there, get out of the way!” to all the idiots on kayaks and paddle boards. Me, I stay to the side and defer to the boats. They’re bigger and I don’t fancy being crushed beneath them.

A little floating seaweed for your enjoyment:

A little floating seaweed for your enjoyment

It was a very busy day in the harbor – lots of boats, lots of jet skiiers, lots of activity. There was a lot of choppiness and waves – caused by the jet skiiers mostly – and apparently my cell phone got a little more than damp.

I had to buy a bag of rice on the way home and dunk it.

Rice to dry out the cell phone

It didn’t work. The phone was pretty old anyway, but still I wasn’t looking forward to buying a new one this soon. *sigh*

Note to self: when you go kayaking, put your phone in a ziploc!

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