Should I cancel Hulu for the summer?

Summer is coming – for some of you, it’s already here – and summer means a different lifestyle for many people.

The days are longer and warmer. School is out, and for those of us working at home that means more kids on the sidewalks and in their backyards making noise. If it’s happy noise, I don’t mind. If it’s not, well it may be time to take a walk and not worry about it.

I’ve been contemplating what changes I’ll make this summer and I’ve been thinking of cancelling Hulu for the summer months.

Now, I love Hulu. It’s┬ásaved us a lot of money because I can watch the shows I like when I like at much less cost than having a whole lot of channels I never watch and are simply a distraction to Mr. Man. Given unlimited channels, he’ll end up watching poker late at night and not getting enough sleep and he’ll have no explanation in the morning for why poker is infinitely fascinating at midnight when he should be sleeping. He just can’t resist. I guess it’s like potato chips.

Still, there’s nothing to watch in the summer months. All the ‘regular’ shows take a very long break and I can borrow movies from the library for free. So, I’m thinking of cancelling Hulu for the summer. I’ll save a little cash and I can restart it in the fall when the shows start up again.

Any thoughts?

** Update: it seems that Hulu lets you put your account on hold for the summer (up to 12 weeks). This is great! You don’t get that kind of service from a cable company, that’s for certain. **

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