My first earthquake rated a 4.8

Ok, so I was all ready today to post on blueberry picking, and kitties in the sun and I sat down to get started and BAM! There was a very loud noise and everything was shaking and heaving upwards. It was completely terrifying. Probably only lasted 5 or 6 seconds but I have never been so scared in my life. Pictures fell off the walls, shoes went flying, shelves and books fell and it was super loud.

My first earthquake happened today.

I checked on the neighbors when I was calmer and could stop shaking. They’re all fine. Shaken, but fine. Apparently this one was more than some had seen, less than others were accustomed to.

Max hid under the bed. Emily went THROUGH the back door screen and remains under the shed. She tore her collar off in the escape. I’ve caught sight of her several times, but she’s not coming out until she gets good and ready.

I am going to have nightmares about this, I think.

Will post on happier things soon …

** Update later: Emily did finally come out from under the shed in early afternoon. She meowled softly to call me and I came and got her. We snuggled and all was better. Lucky for cats they live in the moment and she’ll forget this in no time. **

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