When the arms of your sweater grow and keep growing!

So, some time ago – back before we moved into this tiny house – I finished my first sweater and it fit perfectly. You can see how it fit here. I was really happy with it and I blocked it at the apartment.

This is where things went wonky.

I kept having to move it around the apartment because we really didn’t have a lot of room.┬áThe weather was cold and damp and the sweater simply refused to dry. Since I kept picking it up and re-placing it in places where it could dry, the blocking effort really wasn’t a good one.

In the end, I think it wasn’t so much the blocking but perhaps the yarn, but the sleeves grew way too long and much too wide – like long bells.

So, I decided to block it again and I did that last weekend. Warm sunshine and lots of wind totally helped the blocking effort go more smoothly.

Re-blocking my first sweater

After this, the body fit as I remembered it and yet the sleeves were still too long and too wide.

So, into the knitting store we went on open knit night and after some discussion, I ripped back the sleeves.

Re-knitting the sleeves of my first sweater

I’ll just have to knit them again. I want to wear this sweater and I want to love it, but those sleeves were like monster arm sleeves and they just wouldn’t work.

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